Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This is the first attempt at a quick Ukrainian Testimony after six days at the MTC

ya's zhnuo shcho eesusa hressta nash spiceitel. Ya's zhinuo shco Josef smit prorok boha. Ya's zhinio shchio Kaniha mormona assentel. V eesussa hressto ameine. Also there are 7 differnent ending things depending on masculine neuter of femine, and other random things but you say jesus christ and book of mormon differnet ways depending on the sentence

I love it here!!!!!!!

This is Elder Coumbs first letter from the MTC  09/17/2013

I love it here. I woke up early to do laundry and had to sprint to a shuttle to go to the temple and we barley made  it. It rains and lighting struck temple ground. we went over to the mtc campus because our internet is down at the wyview college dorms where all the Russians and Ukrainians go.I have 2 companions and we have our own dorm because we are the only elders so in all in my district there is 5 sisters 3 elders. Also there is 2 elders who leave in 2 weeks so there are only 5 elders studding Ukrainian in the entire world and we expect all of us to be companions at one pint in our mission. it is crazy because the 1st advise i have ever gotten was "don't drink the orange juice" The langue is coming slow but good we have already tought 3 discussions in all Ukrainian but we i can also say a prayer and bare my testimony in ukrainin. the sisteres are amazing so we try to separate ourselfs as much as possible. we share the same appartment as a classroom so we normaly sit outside if we can or in the coach room. Instucters are only there for a few hours. Our internet hasnt been working so we learn evering from books. i got so many books that the desk literally falls over if all of them are on at one time. church was amazing. i love sudays because people just give you information were as the rest of the time you have to find out for yourself.  I joined the choir because Starishina (elder) Molenet said to and we pretty much listen to any advise he gives. We get there barly got a spot. It was double overflow of missiopnaries singing Joesph's first vision. I pretty much cant tell you everything here but I will try and send a sd card with a bunch of pictures including my jornal entries.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR LOGAN! I opened up the dear elder (which we get twice a day) and i read it and shouted My brother got called to IOWA! and kinda created a scene but who cares. Advise i would give to logan

1. Dont drink the orange juice

2. get ready fast. my shower drain is brocken and they wont fix it so my shower is get wet turn of water soap down and rince get out. Also it is a short time for 3 elders and chances are he will have 6 in his group. 

3. color coding sytem and get the small colored stickie tabs. like investigator asked something about holy ghost. marked orange throw it open and say can you read the highlighhted text.

4. Have a ready pack. I have a comapion whop forgets things everytime we leave and we have to cross the street and everything else to even get to class so ready pack is small scriptuere can that can fit evering thing yopu need becasue the big bags arent allowed anywhere for whatever reason.

5. Test your stuff. My alarm clock dosent make a noise when it goes off and i tried everything. so i need a new one.

6. get a hair cut because they make you schedule a day for one if you want one and there are too many elders and sisters + my companion went to give me a hair cut then someone said it was a mtc rule not a mission rule he couldent 

7. buy a cruddy pair of pants for the mtc

8. learn how to rebound a basketball and shoot as free throw and youll be the best one on campus. you have to shoot to play in a game the first 6 play the rest watch. we had to set up a hoop outside are apartment it might be different for you.

9. bring stamps because you can never email.

10. flash cards on a spirial so you can right down stuff. the holy ghost wont give you revelation until you learn to record it to share with someone, i know from experiance

11. dont be a cookie monster. in christlike attributes ( a film you should put 1st to watch at mtc only offered here) it relates the cookie monster to natural man, I want cookie now! its about others and to be honest the drain thing isnt that big of a deal because i worry more about my companions having shower time than for me too. 

12. No slang, i was told to never say you guys. it is you elders and sisters not guys or chick or women.

so ill talk about myself again, if you can send an alarm clock, pictures of everyone (All i do is brag about my family), and a pair of slacks for 2 dollers at DI and little stickies i would be sooooo happy. and not to be a cookie monster but other elders get cookies in care pakages haha.

Stareesheena Coumbs.

ps my last name will get translated after mtc my nametag is just for show, like i have someone in my class from russia and they changed the spelling for the mtc then it will be normal when sister Razhinabova leaves for Ukraine. I will be here for 8-10 weeks depending on visa.

pss i will only marry a returned missionary because of how awesome the sisters in my district are.

psssssssaisoasdksss. I love my companions. one is 6'4 its crazy 

Monday, September 9, 2013


Hello everyone! I am Elder Coumbs and I report to the Provo, Utah MTC (missionary training center) in 2 days so for realistic time it would be September 11,2013. I am creating a blog to update pictures and experiences as a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here is my Facebook page with my profile link and so you can add me. I won't be the one in charge of it so if you choose to add me as a friend in the comments say how you know me or something like "I am a lds missionary going to a frozen country and need help" and my parents will accept the request and help answer questions. Here is a video about me as a person and it has lots of embarrassing baby pics. ect. I am pretty excited to leave but still have to pack, lots of winter gear. I will be learning Ukrainian and will be on the west side of the Ukraine. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and if you do not know if it is I invite you to read and pray if it is. Here is my Mormon profile. It is great way to get questions answered through real people living an everyday life.