Pre mission

So I am 18 from CA and I am moving to the Ukraine. I love motorcycles and have a husqvarna TC 450. I also drive a Dodge Dakota 03 and plan on lifting it and what not when I get back. I am an Eagle Scout and graduated high school and played 4 sports. I did cross country,soccer,wrestling, and track. When I get home I plan to go to college and do the delayed entry program for air force so i can train to do Pararescue, an elite rescue squad who save pilots who crashed in enemy territory. I have moved three times in high school and so I lived in  the Sacramento area twice and Nevada once. I pretty much love anything involving adventure. Long hikes, sky diving, ect.

fun in the mud dodge dakota
 Any concerns I may have. Well I do not understand Ukrainian but I know the lord will help. I won't be able to ride a motorcycle so I am hoping I don't spaz every time I see one. My mission is a walking mission and with the cold weather (0 and below in winter) I am hoping I can stay warm. Ughhh I don't know anyone in that country so definitely need to learn Ukrainian to have conversations.  How did I get this place as a mission? When I filled out my paperwork to go, the first presidency sits in a room, has all the missions(405) and needs in the church and pray to find out where I should go. I didn't expect to go there. Do I want to go? Of Course! After getting my letter of where I would go I could tell this is where the Lord wanted me to go. How long has the mission existed? It opened July 1,2013 so a few months and I found out before it was open. Also I love mexican and spicy food so I will miss that. I cant wait to get to the Ukraine.

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